Be quick and safe to format recovery: How to recover files after formatting

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I am much pretty sure a lot of people encountered the situation: "My Gosh! I accidentally performed format on my hard disk partition. What can I do now? I lost all the important documents and photos there. Emergency!!!"

When a computer drive is formatted, its content is completely deleted and returned to original settings. However it is possible to recover the data and retrieve lost files even all the data are entirely deleted.

When you have accidentally formatted the drive or totally forgot to bac kup data before formatting the drive, you need to recover the files by downloading and using a file recovery utility.

What is formatting?

When a disk is formatted, the operation system erases all bookkeeping information on the disk, testes the disk to make sure all sectors are reliable, mark bad sectors(that is , those that are scratched), and creates internal address tables that it later uses to locate information. All hard disks should be formatted before use.

If you accidentally reformat a disk that has useful data, a specialist should give a hand to recover most, if not all, of the information on the disk. You can also buy programs that enables you to recover a disk yourself.

How to recover files after formatting?

By formatting a drive, it only erases the file address table. The data are still on the drives sound and not touched after you performed quick formatting or full formatting. I highly recommend that you choose professional partition recovery tool - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to get your data back.

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