"Cannot Open The File" - Is This Message Driving You Crazy?

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According to a survey done by Carbonite, 70% of computer users have faced data loss problems some time or other. And so if you see that message and think that you're the only unfortunate one to be going through this, then you need to read through the previous sentence again. An error like this is displayed because data in your file has been corrupted or even worse lost due to some problems in the file or in the overall system. There are other messages similar to this which more or less point to the same symptoms and causes. Some of them are "...unrecognized format"; "This files doesn't exist" etc.

Data loss has always been a serious threat to the normal functioning of an organization and this has become more so in these times due to dependence on internet and number of users increasing day by day. Today all organizations-- big- , medium- or small-sized-- have a data security plan to prevent data loss and corruption. But there's nowhere a cent per cent security guarantee, however elaborate your existing security set- up might be. You may have done all that is necessary to keep your systems functioning well. You might well have installed firewall, power back-up, anti-virus software etc. on your system to prevent any data loss or corruption, but still you cannot avoid getting exposed to a virus attack, experiencing an unidentified problem which will lead to a deletion, corruption or damage of your important data..

Data loss can occur due to plenty of reasons an account of which are not possible here and will probably take several pages to list all. Some of the most common problems resulting in data loss are a sudden or improper shutdown, a virus or worm attack, deletion of a file or folder accidentally, a user mishandling the application etc. Although you do need to keep a watch over any discrepancies and try to prevent such misfortunate events to take place, there are certain things beyond your control. In these unforeseen instances of data loss, what is more important is that you should have control on your emotions and think out a quick recovery plan for the data lost, corrupted or damaged as a result of the causes mentioned above

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is the fast, reliable and tested software which recovers your lost data through a very simple process which even a layman can handle easily. Everyday, we will mention our customer when they seek help for us to recover the data: please don't write anything into your hard disk or partition which you want to recover the files. Further more, if you get the messages: "...unrecognized format" or others when you open some word files or excel files, you will send us the files to repair. This is free.

You will get the demo version of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard to have a try at this web link when your data lost:

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