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I had a hard disk crash recently, and I thought it might be interesting to recall what happened and what I've done since to try and recover my data.

The disk is a 500 gigabyte external Seagate USB drive to which I regularly backup some data, and on which I maintain my pictures, business records and client lists for ready access.

One day Windows simply reported that it could not read the drive; that the data had been corrupted.

My first thought was to run disk surface check tool to locate and repair any physical defects on the drive itself. The tool ran for several hours and told me the drive was just fine. This ruled out a true hardware crash and pointed to simple data corruption.

I found an interesting utility called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Running that for several hours recovered what I'd estimate to be about 50 to 70% of the data on the drive. I copied that off and decided to call it quits there.

There are two lessons here that I think make this story worthwhile:

Stuff happens. You will at some point, when you least expect it, lose the contents of a drive.
The only truly reliable way to recover is to have backups. Yes, I was able to recover some of my data directly from the drive, but not all.

To recover the lost files, time is the key.
The longer you leave it, the harder it becomes to recover your lost data.

In the mean time I'm reformatting that drive, and making my backup just in case.

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