Data Loss-My Worst Nightmare

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My worst nightmare occurred when my 2TB external hard drive began making clicking noises and the computer stopped recognizing it. I foolishly thought my hard drive was the safest place for my data as I rarely used it and stored it in a waterproof fireproof safe, so I had no backup. BIG MISTAKE.

My drive was full of court documents I needed as soon as possible. I sent my drive to my friend, who lost the data ago and managed to get the files back successfully. He told me to recover the files, time is the key. The longer I leave it, the harder it becomes to recover your lost data.

Then He tried to retrieve the data with a utility called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The process was very quick, and I was notified immediately after my friend received my drive that he was able to recover 90% of the data. WOW!

He knew I was biting my nails and totally devastated by my drive's failure, and he updated me as soon as he knew he could recover most of the data. I now have two hard drives to try and avoid another mistake, but if another does occur I will surely try to recover the files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard myself.

THANK YOU EaseUS! You saved my life by saving my data!

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