Data Recovery Software vs. Data Recovery Services

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Increasing volumes of data means increasing amount of fortune, while increasing volumes of data also means increasing risk -- loss or any damage to data can result disaster in business as well as everyday life. In case it happens, how to recover? Using Data Recovery Software or Data Recovery service? It depends on the reasons why data lose: internal or external factors.

Data recovery software is an application which can extract and recover data from the data area of the hard disk through deep research and analysis of data, file systems and storage methods. Thus, not only can they recover the files deleted or emptied from the recycle bin, but also can recover files from damaged or corrupted partitions – data loss from software malfunctioning, improper system shutdown and virus infection etc. To protect the data, you should avoid any kind of writing operations on that partition or hard disk.

Data losses due to physical components such as platters, read/write head or natural disaster like water damage need recovery service. But there are also things you can do to prevent further data loss:

Do not try to switch your computer on and do any operation to the disk.

Never try to repair the hard drive yourself.

Never open the drive in general environment.

Take your hard drive and pack it in airtight bag.

Search for a trustworthy recovery company and send your hard drive to it.

While last but not the least, you should always keep in mind that to backup your data is the easiest and safest way.

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