Do Format or Data Recovery When Partition Showing Raw?

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When it comes to raw partition, you guys may be never strange to it, say, partition showing raw file system; Chkdsk reports raw, etc. The way to restore a normal partition is simple, you just need to do a format, and every problem will be solved. While that is not the point most people are concerned, comparing with the way to restore the raw partition, data recovery from those raw partitions seem to come first at every time.

A real scenario explains everything. Just recently I was changing the drives to primary/secondary to backup my files to another drive, because I wanted to a format, while the partitions on my 120GB drive are messed up... all the files are now 0kb big when I explore the folders. Anyway, how can I fix the problem with any program and recover all files?(By the way, “all the files are now 0kb big” is also one of the phenomenons if the partition turns raw.)

Yes, data rescue like the situation mentioned above is of much importance in most cases. While the fact is that most people have accumulated years of data, business or personal, in the computer but neglected to back it up, and unfortunately, such a lesson why it is critical to have a backup of all those files is learned with much regret. What a headache!

Actually, this is not the end of the world; bad things always come along with good news. To recover data from raw partition is accessible if you turn to reliable data recovery software, like EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA and support FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS/NTFS5 file systems, does a magic to recover and rescue data from most data loss situations – raw partition, format, deletion, partition loss or damage, virus attack, system crash and other unknown situations.

Always remember, even though the data recovery software can recover data from raw partition, the success of your data recovery depends largely on your adherence to this crucial rule firstly: Do not make any change (rewrite/format/repartition) to the raw partition.

Finally, for the step-by-step instructions to recover and rescue data from raw partition, you can refer to Easy and Safe Solution for RAW Partition Recovery.

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