EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard makes it easy to recover files from RAW External Hard Drive

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One day, my friend told me he has an 80G USB External Hard Drive that was working perfectly and didn't seem to have any errors on it at all, but after being attacked by an unknown virus, the External Hard Drive became RAW in My Computer and he cannot access. He was very worried about it because there were many useful documents and precious photos. How to recover files from a RAW External Hard Drive?

Usually, when we meet some tips on using External Hard Drive, such as "File system is displayed as "RAW" ", "File names contain "weird" characters" or "This drive in disk is not formatted. Do you want to format now", it means the partition in the External Hard Drive is corrupt. The fault partition looks like a partition which is not formatted and we call it RAW file system. As the advice, please do not format the hard drive which we try to recover files from, otherwise all data will be lost. Maybe we think "chkdsk" can help us check and repair the disk, but it doesn't work. The good idea is to use data recovery software to recover the RAW system files. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is good data recovery software to help us to recover the RAW disk and then take it easy to format the disk.

RAW system files recovery software

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard provides complete solution for data recovery and 3 recovery modules point to different data recovery. Using “Deleted Files Recovery” you could recover the deleted files and the partition could be access normally, and “Complete Recovery” is designed for recovering formatted data and the partition cannot be accessed. Furthermore, "Partition Recovery" module is for recovering data from the lost partition. Considering the situation of the RAW disk, it also provides complete recovery to recover it. Launch the software and choose complete recovery to do our recovering. After choosing the RAW disk, it begins to scan for lost files. In the next steps, we could select files or directory we want to recover. After several clicks on the RAW file system recovery software, we will successfully recover the RAW disk and then take it easy to format the disk. The raw file system trouble is solved and everything is back to normal.

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