EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Recovered My SD Card Data

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I have a Canon PowerShot SD450 Digital camera. I also have a 2GB sd card for the camera ('Secure Digital High Performance' and it also says photo source at the bottom of the label). At the weekend I took the card out because I forgot what brand it was. When I put the card back in I received the message "Memory Card Error" and "Card Locked" underneath it.

I did everything to check the common flaws, but still the same message occured. Then I tried the SD card on my sister's camera (same Canon powershot) and it didn't work. It was clearly the SD card with an error.

Immediately, I asked local dealer for help, but they gave me advice to use some data recovery tool to get the important data back. Compared, the tool was much cheaper.

I never used it before, I read some reviews in software websites, some comments mentioned the same issue I had at that moment. I chose EaseUS Data Recovery, as one said it helped him saved all the pictures in his camera. I didn't believe it totally. While what else I could do? Took a risk.

I launched EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, the interface was quite clean and the guide was so easy-to learn. I directly selected the file types and location(Thanks God! There was no need for any instruction and guide, I could do it step by step on my own.) I didn't get chance to use other data recovery product, EaseUS was what I wanted.

I went to pick up my kids when I set the program on, half an hour, I got home. Incredibly, I saw a lot of pictures showed up in the recovery program. With preview function, I happily saw some photos. Then, I restored all the photos.

Thanks EaseUS! You product was so, so great.

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