EaseUS offers Data Recovery Boot Disk to Quickly Rescue Lost Data When Your Computer Fails to Boot

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What a terrible thing if the operating system is not working or fails to boot up! Computer crashes, data corruption and hard disk failures have happened to many computer users, says EaseUS Software. Do you know what to do if your computer can't boot from its hard disk, or if the disk contains very crucial data that is about a very important business?

Of course, reinstalling will get your OS running well, but you will lose data in your C drive. The best choice is that you should first take immediate action to find all your lost data back before reinstalling. Today EaseUS Software offers an emergency data recovery solution for this case and computer users can boot from a data recovery boot disk immediately once the operating system fails to boot, which will definitely maximize the chance of a successful data recovery.

Before making sure that you have saved all lost data, you shouldn't write anything to the disk that holds the deleted files! The faster you take actions to recover data, the better your chances to get the files back are. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard WinPE allows users to make a data recovery boot disk and facilitates data recovery when operating system is damaged. There is no need to install it and you just need to boot your computer from CD/DVD to perform data recovery in Windows Pre-installation Environment. It is safe and causes no harm to your data

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