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Nowadays, most partition recovery software searches partitions on a failed hard drive by reading the entire surface. In fact the process is often needless.

As this process usually takes up to several hours of your precious time and it may even take days if the hard drive is filled with bad sectors and clusters, so we should have a serious consideration when we decide upon which partition product to choose. On the worst assumption, it also can result in significant damage to the hard drive, thus making the data recovery process much more complicated and expensive.

While the need of scanning the entire hard drive might seem reasonable, in most cases it is not needed. Because there are not too many sectors where a partition can start and end, there’s not necessary to scan even more than 1% of the HDD surface to locate all partitions.

First of all, Windows Disk Management tool (and almost every other partitioning software) creates partitions in 8 MB increments. This means that to locate all Boot Records of all partitions, you need to read one sector, and then jump over 16064 sectors, read one sector and so on. That is 16065 times less data to read than when you scan the entire drive.

Second, once a partition has been found, it is often easy to find out how big it is (by parsing its Boot Record, if it is looks intact). This information allows you to just jump over that partition and continue looking for other partitions.

Finally, it indicates that in most cases good partition recovery software needs to read just a few sectors! Excellent partition recovery software always can be much faster, efficient, and user-friendly such as how Partition Table Doctor works.

In case you failed in the partition crash or losing disaster unfortunately, please remember that Partition Table Doctor may probably make you confident that this problem would be resolved.

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