Great data recovery indeed recovered my precious photos

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My mom had somehow formatted her camera's SD card and it stored a huge number of photos of our big family... She asked me to get the pictures back. The data recovery program I used to use for that is no longer supported, so I went in search for a new one.

After reading thousands of comments and reviewing numerous other programs, I decided to take EaesUS Data Recovery Wizard as it has the best reviews.

First, I downloaded a free version to see if it worked. I immediately liked it when I saw the easy to use and understand interface. I quickly got all the settings down and started to recover my photos. When I ran the recover process, I could select the file types and locations. It was so fast! I found all the photos in a short time. Restored them quickly, and didn't mess around. Simple and successful, does what it says. As the free version can only recover data no more than 1GB, I went to EaseUS website and purchased a full version.

It did what I paid for and we were happy. Plus it gives you an option to view the files after recovering them to ensure you want to spend the money. As far as I am concerned, no amount of money is worth memories of the family, they are priceless!

Great product indeed. Definitely worth the price!

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