How can I recognize my hard drive and recover the data from it

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There are a lot of customers with the same situations. Usually the problem was looked like physical damaged and may be solved very. However, if we analyzed in detail, it can be solved with the easy way.

Once, there are some customers seek us for help. Their situations are similar. They said their hard drive can be recognized by BIOS in motherboard; however the hard drive can't be recognized by Windows operating system. They don't know why and they asked us whether there are some physical problems.

We have to say, there are a lot of reasons why the problems could be caused, such as the cable didn't connect well, the power supply has some problem, the MBR has some problem etc. We can't confirm the problem if we didn't receive the material information which we request.

Usually, the problems are very easy. If the problem are not caused by connect problem and power supply problem, it often may cause by MBR corrupted. You can use our product Partition Table Doctor to rebuild the MBR. And the problem could be solved. However, we have met a customer whose hard drive can be recognized by Windows operating system already after he rebuilt the MBR via using Partition Table Doctor but whole partitions in hard drive are disappeared.

We suggest him use the "Rebuild Partition Table" function of Partition Table Doctor to have a try. However, not the all the partitions have been recovered. He said there still are two partitions disappeared. We feel very strange with his problem. We don't think the function of our problem has some bugs. As you know, before releasing a product, we must test it a lot in various configurations and situations. Hence, we suspected that the problem might cause by partition tables had been corrupted in total. If that, the problem couldn't be solved by Partition Table Doctor any more.

Hence, we suggest the customer use the Data Recovery Wizard to restore the data. As you know, the main function of Data Recovery Wizard is to restore the data. It can restore the data from various situations such as this even if the partitions have been lost. And in this situation, he has to choose both the "Complete Recovery" module and "Partition Recovery" module to recover the data.

At last, the customer had restored his data via using the Data Recovery Wizard perfectly. And he avoids losing the 2 years working datum.

Hence, if you meet the situation like this, we suggest that you'd better check the physical links whether are good or not firstly. And then, once you confirm the problem is caused by the MBR corrupted, you can select the combination of Partition Table Doctor and Data Recovery Wizard to restore such important data.

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