I Almost Killed My Most Important Data

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Long story short, I formatted my data drive… Yes, stupid, I know… And it was not just the worst thing.

Last week, I noticed a strange noise came from my old internal data disk. After the check, some bad sectors were found on it. I knew my data disk’s death was near. The physical bad sectors like the cancer. They will spread and swallow the whole disk. I got an external drive and planned to transfer the files from the dying disk to the new one.

Before the migration, I decided to clean the external drive first. This was the beginning of the nightmare. I mistakenly formatted the internal data drive instead! All files have gone, including my memorable family pictures, important personal documents and the music collections for years.

The worse thing was I had continued to use the same computer, trying to find the way to mend it.

And the first information about data recovery I found is:

"Do not use a damage hard drive any more until you retrieve the lost data. The running operating system will generate temp files and may overwrite lost data."

I shut down the computer immediately to prevent potential data overwriting. Then work on my laptop to seek the solution. After hours, I found a free data recovery tool to scan my disk. Then go to bed tiredly. When I woke up, I noticed the blue screen of death! My disk crashed during the scan.

I was very depressed, and took my disk to an IT specialist with the last hope. He checked disk and told me to save the data, time is the key. The longer you leave it and the more you use, the harder it becomes to recover your lost data. I cannot help but start to think it is me who killed my data. Then he scanned the disk with software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is the only one that can ignore the bad sectors during the scan process. After a while, some of my files have been recovered. Fortunately, my most important data is among them.

If you are reading this, and lose data as well, I wish you have better luck than me, and my story could help you.

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