I Can Not See My Disk Label !

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It was last Monday morning, when I was sitting in my office and starting my computer to begin a new week's work, I was surprised to found that I can not see the disk labels in "My computer". I don't know what to do since I've never encountered cases like that. Fortunately, one of my friends Jonson who is major in computer told me that the probable reason is the partition was lost or destroyed by some reasons.

But what is the partition? I'm a newspaper editor and I know nothing about computer. "Don't worry, I know there are some pieces of software can help you get back your partitions. Some of them are easy to use even you are a starter! Just Google the 'partition recovery' and have a try!" Jonson said easily. "But remember not to use your computer anymore before you fix it! This is the key point! " He added.

Then I found EASEUS Partition Table Doctor in Google searching results and downloaded the Demo version. Before run it, I read the documents and functions of this software and realize it would be helpful. Then I installed it, read the step-by-step instruction and ran it. In the interface, I clicked "Rebuild" and the software started to search. After the searching results displayed on the screen, I click "Browse" to view whether the files are exactly what I want. What a pity, the files I want were not in the directory. What was wrong? Does it mean that there is no chance to get them back?

So I called the program provider for help. After a while, I got a reply that the Data Recovery Wizard Professional is the right one for my encounter. The files can not be browsed since they were lost or destroyed by some reasons. Partition Table Doctor is only used to recover and repair the lost or destroyed partition table. While, Data Recovery Wizard not only recover partitions but also recover lost or destroyed files.

Then I downloaded the Data Recovery Wizard Professional Demo version to try again. This one is also easy to use. Finally, I previewed all the lost files after "Partition Recovery" module finished its work. Thank you God! All the lost files came back! How wonderful it is!

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