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This week, there is a customer who thanks for the solving the problem by our new product EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1.

In his first letter, he was anxiety about losing of such important files. These files contained his two years working of some important designs. He even didn’t describe the problem clearly in his email. We are mixed up by his description. We replied him immediately for asking some important information for recovering the data.

In his second letter, he described the process of how he lost his files in detail. It was occurred by power cut. After the power coming, he immediately restarted his PC. Unfortunately, he can’t enter the Windows XP operating system any more. However, the hard disk can be recognized by the motherboard. And then, he wrote email to us with his laptop.

At this moment, our team still can’t confirm where the problem is. But we think there isn’t a physical damaged in his hard disk. That is because his hard disk still can be recognized by BIOS. So we suggested him connect the hard disk to another healthy PC as slave, if the interface is IDE. And then, took some snapshots and sent them to us for analyzing.

After the customer sent us the snapshots, we found the partitions of his hard disk have disappeared. And now, we can confirm his problems. We suggest that use “Partition Recovery” module of our product EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1 to search his files. This situation is not very complex. And our product can deal with this symptom very easy.

At last, the customer found the entire working files. None of them were lost. He felt very inconceivable. And kept saying: bought an amazing product, done the most correct decision in his life.

So, if your situation just likes him, you can try our product EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1 to deal with your problem.

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