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Monday, November 05, 2007, we received an email from Bermuda where he lived. As you know, the English isn't his mother language, so do we. So we have some problems in communication. In his first email, we even should read his topic a word by a word and then make a sentence by ourselves. However, after we rebuilt his sentence, we had known his problem. The problem is that his laptop couldn't be boot up any more. For better understanding our description by the customer, we have to weigh our words to describe what we want to know.

After the customer replied, we didn't found anything unusual to make his laptop fail to boot up. We have to suggest that he should use the bootable CD or floppy of our product Partition Table Doctor to boot up the computer. And then, to check whether the partitions are still there or not.

We analyzed what the customer described. We found that all the customer's partitions have been disappeared including the system volume. That's the reason why the user's laptop couldn't be boot up. We suggest him use "Rebuild Partition Table" function of Partition Table Doctor. And we think the problem will be easy to solve.

However, the new letter broke our vision. After he done the operation, the Partition Table Doctor found only a few volumes in his hard disk. But the most important volume is still disappeared. We feel very strange about his situation. When the hard disk lost its partitions in normal, they couldn't be damaged so completely. At this moment, we have to suggest him use bootable CD of Data Recovery Wizard to boot up his laptop and use "Partition Recovery" function to recover the data.

However, as you know, the Data Recovery Wizard must be installed and ran in local host. How it could be created on CD? Thanks for Microsoft this time only. They developed a new operation system named Windows PE. We could use this operating system to create a bootable CD of Data Recovery Wizard with a special method. You could read the more details at this link:

He did what we suggested. His important files have been recovered perfectly. However, his laptop still couldn't boot up. But it doesn't matter any more. He could reinstall the operating system. At last, the user praised such fantastic products Partition Table Doctor and Data Recovery Wizard.

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