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We supported this customer for a long time. At the early time, the customer describe the problem to us, we think it is not very hard to solve. As the original problem is that he shut down the computer in normal at night but when he booted up, the partitions couldn't be opened any more. There are a lot of encrypted files which are very important for his company. But around the whole supporting process, the customer is always incoherent and anxious. This is the most difficult for us to support the customer as he couldn't describe the problem clearly.

When his first email coming, we confirmed the problem is the partition table corrupted in general. Usually we would suggest the customer use the Partition Table Doctor to solve the problem like this. However, before that, we will confirm the details for better analyzing the problem. This is very necessary for us to ensure the problem can be solved by our product and ensure the data won't be lost after done the suggestion.

After we read the second email, we found his problem is like what we suspect. So we suggest that the customer can use the “Fixboot” function of Partition Table Doctor to fix the partition table. And we think that's all. The problem is very easy to solve.

However, the customer lost his copy of Partition Table Doctor. We have to tell him to our Customer Support Center to download the product again. From that time on, the customer send us 3 emails to tell us he couldn't download the Partition Table Doctor in 3 days. We have to turn the attention to the problem he can't download the product.

After he downloaded the product, the new problem occurred. When he completed the operation and wanted to save the operation, the computer forbids him saving any operation. He thinks the design of our product has some problems. And send some snapshots to us for analyzing.

We analyzed what he sent us. We found that his computer has a lot of software which protected his computer to forbid writing anything. We have to tell him closed the entire protected software so that he could save what he had done.

The problem solved, but the new problem occurred. Before saving the operation, his daughter formatted the partition by mistake. We have to suggest him use the Data Recovery Wizard to recover the data. And in this situation, he should use the “Complete Recovery” module to recover the data.

At last, the Data Recovery Wizard solved the problem perfectly. As the customer said, the entire files have been 100% recovered. What an inconceivable product and support is! We count the days we support the customer in the end. We amazed to find that we use almost 15 days to solve this customer's problem. This is the longest time to support one customer in record.

However, we are very glad to hear the customers' problem has been solved, really!

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