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It is indeed not an easy thing to decide on which data recovery product and service should be the best choice for us as there are various data recovery programs (commercial or free) and services available in the market. You can differentiate them according to the damage degree which the device and data suffered.

On the assumption you have just deleted accidentally a small amount of files, you can download data recovery software and can retrieve these files.

If the format of the file is very rare then you can opt for buying high quality data recovery software such as Data Recovery Wizard from EASEUS a reputed company. These are all very common recovery techniques and do not require any professional assistance.  

But there are some other problems like a mechanical failure of the hard disk which requires professional help from any hard drive recovery company. As a mechanical failure can only be resolved by anatomizing the hard drive artificially. This procedure should be executed very carefully to ensure no dust falls on the disks, so the whole recovery process must be done in a clean room of class 100. Or else it will greatly influence the quality and amount of data that can be retrieved. No way can this be handled by a user; it needs the expertise of a hard disk recovery serviceman.

So, choosing the best service is very important and do not take fast decisions. Sure, this best way to avoid data loss is to take all precautionary measure like back up and creating Restore points.

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Data Recovery Guru posted on 2008-04-09 08:39:33 -0400

If you delete a file and you do not delete the indexes you should be able to retrieve your data without using any kind of software, or with using free software you can find on google. If you don't have a software issue or if you have a software issue that any program will not be able to retrieve you have to go to a data recovery company and use their services. Go to www.datarecoverycomparison.com for information on these companies. Also if you have ever had a bad experience, feel free to post a review on that site, and if you have had a positive experience then please feel free to post there also. This site compares the different companies based upon reviews and also is based upon the admin's independent investigations. Feel free to come and leave a review about the nightmare of a time you had with your data recovery job.

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