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I just want to help anyone else who has gone through this: your hard disk suddenly stops responding and shows up RAW in the device manager. This program will save your files!

(EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/). I had over 200 gb of mp3 files on my hard disk. A month ago it failed and display as "RAW". What's more, it kept asking me to format it every time I tried to access it. Really frustrated by this, I clicked "YES" to agree formatting. And of course I lost all my music. I took over 100 hours to reload all my lost music and it was really unhappy and annoying.

What really drives me mad was it happened again a few days later. But this time I was smarter and googled some tricks for my situation. Then I find easeus software, said its data recovery tool can help me. I was really irritated by this RAW problem and don't want to reload my music again. So I take a risk on this utility.

To make a long story short, I bought its software, ran the complete recovery and within 30 minutes I had a list of my mp3 files. It took a while to save all of these files -- I had to find room on other hard disks and the few that were corrupted froze the save function. Eventually, I had everything off of the raw hard disk and I just finished verifying the accuracy of these files.

After this, I learned a lesson that there has a way to get lost files back and most importantly I have to do it quickly. This time some of music files were found broken due to my wrong operation to my hard drive. I read some very useful articles of data recovery and alll of them emphasize the choice of a reliable tool and immediate action. The tool from easeus software saved my efforts and time and has won my trust.

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