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I had a very bad experience with my USB drive. This thing is:

I have an HP 4GB USB stick (drive) that apparently died on me. Windows cannot access the files on the USB drive. When I insert the stick into a USB port, Windows finds the stick and says it is ready for use. However, when I go to MY COMPUTER and click on the drive to access the files, I can see the stick identified there as Drive "E." When I right click on it a screen pops up stating that the USB drive is unformatted and do I want to format it?

If I select "yes," another screen pops up asking me to insert a drive into "E." WINDOWS then aborts the process. I tried to use Restore in the backup menu, that too fails. I also downloaded several FREE data restoration programs and tried to restore the data that way. All failed. One did however, indicate that I have failed sectors on the USB. I have over 2 years of valuable files on this USB drive. At that time I am really freaking out and don't know what to do.

I told this to my friend and he is somehow much better on IT than me. Still he asked me to try on easeus data recovery wizard. Thinking on my previous experience, I really want to refuse this suggestion, but as he said I have no choice. I bought it, download and install. I used the trial for lost files scanning and what a surprise it displays my files. Just so excited all my files had come back. Thanks for this great app (http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/). It just saved my life. If any of you has suffered this, you can trust on this one.

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