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I had a Win 8 system. My laptop happened to crash a few days ago. I had the same issue before and I had no idea what I can do in Win 8. The product I used before couldn't work in Win 8.

After trying nearly a dozen "recommended" applications from review websites -- all of them grinding on for hours then crashing with no explanation and no opportunity to save the time already invested, I finally tried EaseUS. I found it was highly recommended to work in Win 8.

I downloaded EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Trial. The trial worked well enough for me to send the purchase price and I was glad I did. It worked and worked fast, allowed me to find the specific files I've been looking for and "save" results between runs so I didn't have to start from scratch.

Had I found EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard sooner, I could have saved several hundred dollars and nearly two weeks with the hours and hours of frustration knowing data is there but not being able to access it. Now that is something I find worth my taking just the few minutes more for writing a testimonial. My sincere thanks!

I've been around computers all my life and always wanted the best out of everything I have. When it came to data recovery softwares, the best I found so far had to be EaseUS Data Recovery, it's fast, does the job it needs to do and it's a little too easy to use. I recommended this software to anyone who wants to get back all the deleted files or files lost after formatting. Recommended this.

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