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Windows and Linux are both widely used OS.  Some professional customers often change between the two OS. Each of the two OS needs it’s own file system, Fat12/16/32/NTFS for Windows and Ext2 and Ext3 for Linux. This could be confusing; I will clarify them in simple words.

FAT: File Allocation Table, a simple file system originally designed for small disks and simple folder structures. The FAT file system is named for its method of organization, the file allocation table, which resides at the beginning of the volume.
FAT12: FAT file system using 12-bit cluster addressing
FAT16: FAT file system using 16-bit cluster addressing
NTFS: New Technology File System is a high-performance and self-healing file system proprietary to Windows XP Vista 2003 2000 & NT, which supports file-level security, compression and auditing. It also supports large volumes and powerful storage solution such as RAID. The most important new feature of NTFS is the ability to encrypt files and folders to protect your sensitive data.
EXT2, The Second Extended file system is the most popular disk files system for Linux systems years ago.
EXT3, The Third Extended file system is essentially an enhanced version of the ext2 file system. The most prevalent Linux file system now.  
Ext2 and Ext3 are not open to Windows OS. Some advanced users have more than one OS in one PC. Most of the data recovery software just supports one of the two OS. Software in Windows can not recover an EXT partition. Many of them were looking for data recovery software supports the two file systems. DRW4.0.1 solves all the problems.

For example, sometimes, the computer can't access Linux because of the partition corruption. DRW4.0.1 perfectly supports the Ext2/3 system and recovery all the valuable data from it to Windows.

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BLANCHE posted on 2007-10-23 21:06:20 -0400

Your mean is that the DRW4.0.1 is only to run in windows OS, but it could recover all the data from the ext2/ext3 system to Windows, yes or no? If it's true, it's just the tool i have found for long time.I'll have a try,thank you!

miller posted on 2007-10-30 22:56:28 -0400

yes, DRW Professional 4.0.1 can recovery ext2/ext3 file system in winows.

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