Recover all files on a broken spanned volume!

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Data Recovery Wizard Professional recovers the files on a broken spanned volume by scanning the drives and partitions at the sector level. The AdvancedRecovery module is designed for data recovery from HDDs with crashed file system, mistakenly deleted partitions, drives with failed operation/file system, drives suffered from virus.

The actual events come from one of our customers - Mr. Daughenbaugh. His spanned volume was created with Windows XP Pro (no hardware RAID controller) and was comprised by two 250GB hard drives. Then, he had done extensive Internet research, including Microsoft TechNet, looking for a solution to my problem.

He actually downloaded two other products. The Web site for these products read - rich capability and ease-of-use. The problem: the products were NOT easy to use and in the end, not capable. "Data Recovery Wizard Professional delivered, quite aptly, on its promises" he said.

As a mainframe software developer for over thirty years, Mr. Daughenbaugh more quickly recognizes well-developed software. So, he purchased Data Recovery Wizard Professional and has already fully recovered the spanned volume. The program actual efficiency and ease-of-use.

"I congratulate you on such a fine piece of work. You should feel very, very proud" he said in his testimonials.

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