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I deleted my personal data folder and all files in it by mistake, and emptied the recycle bin.

There are some things in life that you just can’t worry about because you can’t change the outcome. I figured that worrying wasn’t going to bring my files back, so I had to quickly and efficiently figure out how to move forward without falling too far behind.

I spent hours e-mailing and calling tech companies to see who might be able to recover all of my data. But their prices are ridiculous, and all asked me to send the disk to them.

I need my files back, but I cannot send the disk to others then just sit and pray. I tried to search the data recovery software on internet, and decide to recover the data by myself. Various data recovery software was downloaded or purchased. Detailed recovery guides were printed. Useful data recovery tips were collected. The most important tips are:

  • To recover your files, time is the key. The longer you leave it, the harder it becomes to recover your lost data.

  • Do not use a damage hard drive any more until you retrieve the lost data.

  • Try to use the non-destructive data recovery tools to retrieve the lost files.

Everything was prepared, and I started the data recovery. After tried various data recovery software, I recover most of the deleted data. Thanks to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard among them. It successfully recovered more files than other software.

I was very happy, not just most of my data was back, but also that was an excited and memorable experience.

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