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Here is a little free bee that I ran across in the EaseUS’ newsletter, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

By mistake I deleted a folder from my USB Flash drive and the folder contained a lot of Word and Excel files that I need. And I use Windows XP and Office 2003. I've been playing with it for two days & have been very successful recovering deleted files from both my USB drive. And also it is the first time I know that lost data can be retrieved back. To me, just so surprised.

When I find EaseUS data recovery tool. It claims it can recover files that were removed from the recycle bin or directly deleted from Windows, no matter they are in your hard disk or portable devices. I am not sure whether this might work out, just bet on it. Happily I recovered all back.

Here I also want to share my experience of recovering lost data. I’ve learned that we can recover those files back is because Windows is not actually deleting the content, but removing the entrance of each files. This means you can’t see these files but they are still there. Something like you can’t see anything in a house only if you open the door. But now, the door is closed and you can’t get in.

Therefore, I want to remind you do not be pessimistic when you find your files are gone. Immediately take action and try a data recovery software, like easeus data recovery wizard. Most important you should stop using your device until you are certainly sure you have found all your lost data because writing new data to your device might overwrite those lost. Then at that time data recovery won’t be so easy.

Above is what I’ve learned from. Help these would help those whoever have suffered data loss.

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