Recover saved over MS office file (s) using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

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Everyday life or at work, as long as you’re using computer, Microsoft Office will be frequently used software for you no doubt, it’s powerful and easy to use while on the other hand it’s easily to encounter the disaster that you’ve saved the Office files but need the previous version or accidently the Office files were over-written by some other one with exactly the same file name. Is there any way to recover saved over office file?

Sure there is, with EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard which works perfectly to recover saved over office files and over-written office files with the same file name. Firstly, do not do any change to the disk you want to recover data from. Then, you may simply run the Data Recovery Wizard and choose "Complete Recovery" module to scan the files, and preview if they’re the files you want in the file list before saving.

Recover saved over office files, data recovery wizard

Please note that for Easeus Data Recovery Wizard to recover saved over files or over written office files with the same file name, the file system of this partition should be FAT only.

Meanwhile if the files are lost due to deletion, format, RAW file system, partition lost, etc., these files can be recovered either from FAT partition or NTFS partition by Easeus Data Recovery Wizard. Plus, if you need to recover files from Dynamic Disk or recover files from Linux EXT2 or EXT3 File System, please turn to Data Recovery Wizard Professional.

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