Recovering Data from RAID Server Systems

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Companies have been using multi array RAID systems to store their critical data extensively. It is important to know that RAID systems may be fault tolerant but they are also not fault proof. While most commercial RAID implementations can tolerate the loss of a single hard drive, failure of multiple hard drives or any other serious fault necessitates the use of RAID data recovery. With so much of mission critical data stored in it there is a huge impact a failed RAID server has on company's core functionality. Thus RAID data recovery for companies is not a mere inconvenience but a huge financial liability and risk.

Data on a RAID array system becomes inaccessible due to any of the following reasons:
    A faulty RAID controller.
    Multiple hard drive crash.
    Malfunctioning upgrade or faulty striping.
    Defects with the MFT mount points.
    RAID controller failure or configuration changed.
    Adding incompatible hard drives.
    Hardware conflicts.
    Software corruption.
    Virus infection, software and operating system upgrades.

In these above conditions, the following steps should be taken immediately to increase chances of getting critical files back:
    Shutdown the server and turn off the system. Do not try to reboot again. This may cause serious damage to your hard drive.
    Do not attempt to recover data yourself. This may result in permanent loss.
    Do not continue to attempt a rebuild if you can not access data even after you have replaced a failed drive and tried to rebuild the array once. This may wipe out your data. RAID data recovery utilities and software are not designed to restore data or rebuild RAID arrays from failing hard drives. This requires specialized equipment and professional training.
    Swapping hard drives or re-ordering drives in a multiple drive RAID array may cause overwriting. This makes it very difficult to reconstruct the RAID array and salvage vital data.
    Seeking professional help from professionally trained data recovery engineers is the best solution. Most data can be recovered from malfunctioning RAID servers by these experts.

Although you will use some data recovery software such as Data Recovery Wizard to done it for you. Please note that none of the softwares will recover the data including the RAID configuration verified information and the material content. As you know, any type of RAID, the RAID verified information is very important to recombine the whole RAID system.

The safety way to recover the data from the RAID system is to seek help from professional experts. They will recombine the whole system. At least, they will recover the data from RAID Server System.

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