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I don't know how this happened. But when I went to my D drive which is My Documents, the drive was empty. Though when I check the drive properties it shows that 18G is being used, plus it's showing that the file system is RAW.

Not sure how it got that way because it should be NTFS.

I am able to view My Pictures and My Music by viewing from the start menu and going to My Pictures or My Music, but when I go to My Documents it's empty. I am really confused. It seems my files in My Documents are in it, but I just can't see it. What the hell! I'm assuming that they are around because My Pictures and My Music are two of the files that are in my documents folder. This just leaves 25% of the drive I can't view.

I can't do system restore because I don't have the D drive being monitored, so I can't do that. I did a virus scan and a spyware scan and the system is clean. I googled some ideas of this case and some suggested to format the drive. But definitely I would lose my files and this is the least I want. I noticed some guys suggested data recovery software that might work out in my case. Therefore, I did a research on the difference among several data recovery software. After a very cautious comparison, I chose easeus data recovery tool for it advertises raw recovery and it does have a very good rank in CNET. So I believed and buy it to recover my missing files. Happily it get all my files back, so I guess I am really lucky. Really thanks for this great program

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