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Do you have such an embarrassment: you inadvertently format the hard drive full of your privacy and anxious to get them back, while you do not know what the right way you need to do as privacy is involved in those lost files? Just thinking, if you turn to professionals' help by delivering the hard drive to data recovery service center, you would put yourself in a risk at exposing all your privacy to the public. You know, internet is so popular to its fast speed to spread information.  

Anyway, no one likes to take such a risk if he does not want to attract public eyes. We know, some persons became "famous" and lose their reputation ever due to their private photos leaking out by some data recovery professionals, terrible, isn't it?

Therefore, have you ever thought of a DIY format recovery whenever it comes to format recovery - recover formatted files with format recovery freeware, which, I guess, is the most safe and reliable way to get lost files back, and with no penny.

EASEUS data recovery wizard free edition, able to free recover 1GB files, allows you to recover nearly all kinds of lost files like format, deletion, partition loss or damage, software crash, etc. It is totally free for you to enjoy all features of paid software data recovery wizard and most importantly, it provides more features that other free and paid data recovery software cannot do, say, recover formatted files with original file names and storage path, compatible with dynamic disk, RAID and EXT2/EXT3 file system and recover some special files that other data recovery application cannot.

Easy to use and reliable, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition provides wizard mode to walk you through recovering formatted files from hard drive, memory card, CF card or other storage media. Totally free here and why not download it now!

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