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That is the reason behind the birth of what is a familiar setup today - the LAN and WAN - networks of computers that are interconnected. This ensures that data within the group is secure, better managed, have optimum space usage and ease of sharing. One need not go to an overseas office physically to look at the computer there, the interconnected network allows access to all those who belong to that network.

What are Servers?
But how are these networks managed? There would be chaos if hundreds of computers had to be connected physically through wires, and the cables would not cross over oceans anyway. That is why we have servers - systems whose job is to manage a network of computers. Servers may be doing all types of activities, or they may be dedicated to only one kind of job. A file server, for example, stores files containing data belonging to a particular network. Microsoft's Exchange Server is dedicated, for example, to handling only business mails and other means of business communication such as official IM accounts. Multiprocessor servers handle several tasks at the same time, keeping the internet connected, storing data, managing mailboxes etc. These are complicated programmers rather than one computer, and have much the same function on a massive scale as our humble OS on any home pc.

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