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Uses of Servers
Servers were created to manage data better and make it faster and safer for all users. All of us deal with servers in some format or the other. Some of the most common utilities provided by servers are:

Providing access to the internet. Most of us use a server provided by a company that manages the web connectivity, availability and services for us. This makes it cheap and easy for us to stay connected through the net.

Managing official communication. Almost all offices run on a LAN server now, connecting all the computers and managing them centrally. This makes the office infrastructure cheaper, simpler, safer and better managed.

Allowing remote access. As illustrated in the example above, one need not travel to Germany to look at the computer there; one can access it right here in the UK through a server that connects both systems.

Everyday services such as ATMs and travel bookings as provided by the respective companies are all dependent on servers for the services rendered.

Entertainment has made its foray in the area of servers too, with movies being distributed remotely over a common server now.

(to be continue…)

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