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The differences between DRW3.3.4 and DRW 4.0.1 are quite significant. The most obvious difference is the user interface. DRW 4.0.1 has only 3 buttons (Deleted File Recovery, Complete Recovery, Partition Recovery) while the old version has 5.

According to our long period of work, I noticed that most of the users don’t familiar with the computer system. Even the professionals seldom touch the data recovery software unless there is an emergency. Some customers often complain to me that the software didn’t work. The reasons are all the same: they did not follow the instructions. When someone lost his precious data, he/she must be very anxious and upset. He/she probably will not read the instruction with care. The first look of DRW 3.3.4 is 5 different buttons and lots of jargons, most customers might be puzzled. They lick a button just by their intuitively, it is certain that they will not get their desirable results.
So, the simplicity of the user interface is very important. DRW4.0.1 has a human-based user interface while adds some new functions to it. Raw recovery, a very useful module for seriously damaged data, is integrated to other modules. Resume recovery is hidden in the process of recovery.

Now, data recovery is just a piece of cake for you.

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ALINA posted on 2007-10-22 22:03:08 -0400

Easeus Data Recovery 4.0.1 is more beautiful and easier to use than Easeus Data Recovery 3.3.4, no matter what the user interface and the function.The DRW4.0.1 help me to recover all my lost data without any other help, it is like one of my assistants. Thanks Eeaseus company for sending her to me.

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