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Today I spoke with a customer whose external hard disk had accidentally become raw and prompt “Disk is not formatted”. He downloaded EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and started to run a complete scan. He was very happy with the results. 

He is a music and video production business so he had some fairly large videos and music files.  In this case, he found all of his data in the “found files” folder along with the users directory.

He recovered the found files folder and checked his videos for playback and checked his music. He had found the users home folder all intact with file names and directory structure. 

He just had a question regarding the "raw files". I explained to him that raw files do not have a parent folder and file names. And they have sub folders for different categories like documents, images, mail or other different file types. He decided to recover that folder and keep it for further review.

Here are some tips if you unlucky lose the important data.

1. To recover your files, time is the key. The longer you leave it, the harder it becomes to recover your lost data.

2. Do not use a damage hard drive any more until you retrieve the lost data.

3. Try to use the non-destructive data recovery tools, such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, to retrieve the lost files.

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