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Mr. Stephen was encountered a hard disk corruption with his Maxtor 50G PATA drive last week.

It was when he booting his computer but only found blue screen of death that he realized the disaster. He tried to boot it again but encountered the same situation. Obviously, he could not access his hard disk and also files on it. Then he decided to get some help from internet. After searching on the Internet, he got that maybe the boot information on the hard disk was lost and data recovery wizard could restore the data loss.

So he made his decision and downloaded one which named RecoveryMyFiles and gave it a try. After installing, he launched it and all the partitions could be seen. Then he went on the next step with great hope. The program began to searching while he was sitting before his computer and waiting for a miracle. However, half hour past, the searching had not completed yet. He began to lose patience but decided to wait longer. Ten minutes past, there was still no signal of completion.

Hence, he had to give up and turned to other programs for help. This time he chose Data Recovery Wizard Professional since the provider announced on the website that "Quick Recovery" is one of the important feathers of it. He launched it and saw there were three modules presented on the first interface. According to the introduction, he selected "Partition Recovery". And soon afterwards, all the lost partitions could be seen in the list. Then he went on simply by clicking "Next”. The program began to search. It only took less than twenty minutes that Data Recovery Wizard Professional finished it's searching job and went on building directory.

About thirty minutes past, the file directory was built and all the lost files were listed on the screen. And what’s more, he was surprised that he could preview the files. "Great work!" he shouted with joy. All the data were rescued! Thank Goodness!

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