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Did you have lost your important files because of mistaken operation or unknown reasons? What about you do to get back these data? Send your hard drive to a data recovery specialist is a good choice. But the cost is expensive and need several days to gain your files. Many people have to give up, while the others fond data recovery softwares in internet and try with them.

Mr. Rob Derby has encountered the horror, a corrupted external hard drive had cost him over 6 years and thousands of JPEGs of his family memories, in this July. He sent the drive out to a data recovery specialist and received an estimate of $1,500+ to restore his precious digital photos. "Feeling completely defeated, we were about to succumb to the hefty investment to hopefully recover at least some of our photos. Then I found out about Data Recovery Wizard Professional through an online search" he said.

He was skeptical at first, having gone through so many failures, so he downloaded the trial version. "To my delight, it did something no other software solution I had tried was able to...It saw the files!" he said. Feeling so delight, when he watched his valuable family history appeared in a recovery folder one-by-one. He said "I cannot thank you enough for developing such a valuable piece of software. Not only have you saved me more than $1,400, but you've given back the births of our children, several birthdays, family vacations, friendly gatherings and happy moments just hanging around the house. I will be recommending this software to anyone I know who runs into problems like mine."

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