USB is broken, how to recover data from my USB?

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"USB Device Not Recognized"? Accidently delete the files on USB or wrongly format the USB? Have you ever been bothered by those problems, especially when most important data is stored on it? USB drive boasting its portable and useful features to easily transfer data and store important file for backup are well welcome by many people. While popular as it is, broken USB drive is common, along with disastrous data loss on them. And several main reasons are listed below:

  • Infected USB drive with bad sector;

  • Corrupt files or photos due to system failure or power surges;

  • Formatted files accidentally on USB drive;

  • Wrong delete files on USB drive;

  • Virus infected.

  • Physically damage the USB drive while plugged it into USB port or laptops;

    Anyway, anything would result in USB drive data loss, no worry now! EASEUS Data Recovery Software - professional USB drive data recovery software can easily recover all types of files from USB drive including pictures or photos, files, documents or emails due to most reasons. Besides, EASEUS USB drive data recovery software supports almost all USB drive both internal and external, including USB external hard drive, USB flash drive, USB pen drive. Free download now and recover lost files from USB by yourself!

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