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Need to unformat hard drive to recover important files from accidentally formatted drive/disk or some other storage media? It sounds difficult. This article will introduce an easy solution to unformat hard drive.

Firstly, we should learn what kind of format is recoverable.

A disk can be formatted in three different ways: Quick, Standard and Low-Level (physical) format.

Quick Format enables you to quickly format a disk, by simply initializing the directory entry information in the root directory area and the FAT information. The data area during this proves remains intact.

Standard Format examines the data area, and maps the bad sectors. Since each sector head must be read to determine whether it is bad, the process takes a substantial amount of time. If a bad sector is detected, clusters in that sector are marked in the FAT to prevent them from future usage. However, like quick format, full format does not overwrite the data area, and the data content is preserved.

Finally, Low-Level Format modifies the surface molecule arrangement, initializes the entire disk, and records sector identifiers to each track (creating addresses to identify sectors within each track). All of the data contained in the disk is initialized, preventing any future recovery attempts.

Simply speaking, quick format and full format can be unformatted.

Then, you might want to know how to unformat hard drive. The easiest way is to use EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard which offers a one-stop solution to unformat hard drive and recover files from formatted hard drive/disk or other storage media such as USB flash drive, Digital Camera, Digital Audio Player, Memory Stick, SD Card, Compact Flash, Tape Drives, Zip Drive, Jaz Drive under Windows OS environments.

Its built-in "Complete Recovery" module is specially designed to unformat hard drive/disk. It is possible to unformat hard drive/disk because formatting a disk does not erase the data on the disk, only the address tables. But once the formatted drive is overwritten, you will lose the chance to unformat the hard drive/disk to recover files from formatted drive/disk or other storage media. So, stop using the disk immediately and hurry up to try some reliable unformat software to unformat the formatted hard drive/disk like EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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