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You may format your hard disk sometimes to convert the FAT to NTFS or clear the messed up drives. Right click the drive, chose “Format”, then selectQuick Format” But after clicking “OK”, you are aware that another drive or some important files was formatted. If you don’t backup your files, all files on the formatted partitions would be lost. However, you can still unformat the formatted files by data recover software. Here is a good solution – EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard. It can unformat your drive by either “Quick Format” or “Full Format”.

To unformat a drive is a highly technical task. However, with this DIY data recovery software, you can unformat the hard disk drive by yourself. When you format a disk, the operating system resets the FAT or MFT on the disk so that the MFT is now blank. Format does not destory the contents of the disk. The files are still located on the disk and can be recovered.

Unformat Instructions

There are three modules on Data Recovery Wizard as picture below. “Deleted File Recovery” is used for recovering deleted files; “Partition Recovery” is for recovering files from lost partitions and “Complete Recovery” is designed to unformat a drive, recover from software crash, etc.

Unformat software

Step 1: Click “Complete Recovery” module. Volumes on the drives found will be listed.
Choose a drive to unformat

Step 2: Choose the formatted volume and click “NEXT” to start scanning.

Step 3: After this scanning is finished, it will list the volumes on which files are possible. Data Recovery Wizard will allow you choosing 4 volumes at best to recover the files. And then, press “NEXT” button.

Step 4: Select the file or directory you want to recover and press the “NEXT”. And then choose where to save the data.

Before purchase, download a demo of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard
here to see if it will recover your wanted files.


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