What can I do when my partition was displayed as RAW?

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I was confronted with a huge problem. I had a 500GB HDD, which has 4 partitions. All partitions were NTFS volumes. I tried to format E:(Windows 7 volume) to FAT 32. I deleted the E partiton and format the empty space to FAT 32.

While here came the problem. It continued to gave me error messages and I used the Windows partition manager to fix it, it was displayed as an unformatted volume and then it showed up as RAW volume. I was not sure if the directory structure may have been damaged, or some kind of index problem.

I was freak out and had no idea what I can do at that time. I shut down the computer in case more problems came out. I searched my problem online with another computer and turned to specialists for help. Most of them recommended me to use some data recovery tool.

I chose EaseUS Data Recovey Wizard as it had a high reputation in all download websites and forums.

Fortunately, it hepled me solve the problem. It scaned with no destruction and automatically skiped the bads sectors.

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