My Sad Data Loss Story

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TAG: Data Recovery,data recovery,data loss

About a month or so ago my external hard drive failed and my data was inaccessible. This hard drive contained all of the files for my family pictures and work documents for business. I lost two years of work documents, client lists, templates, pricing sheets, catalogs and more. I thought I was being safe by storing this information on an “e...


The Feedback from One of My Customer

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TAG: raw disk recovery,format data recovery,raw files recovery

Today I spoke with a customer whose external hard disk had accidentally become raw and prompt “Disk is not formatted”. He downloaded EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and started to run a complete scan. He was very happy with the results. 

He is a music and video production b...


Rescue my data from RAW drive

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TAG: Data Recovery,data recovery,restore lost data,recover from raw drive

I don't know how this happened. But when I went to my D drive which is My Documents, the drive was empty. Though when I check the drive properties it shows that 18G is being used, plus it's showing that the file system is RAW.

Not sure how it got that way because it should be NTF...

TAG: easeus,,boot disk

What a terrible thing if the operating system is not working or fails to boot up! Computer crashes, data corruption and hard disk failures have happened to many computer users, says EaseUS Software. Do you know what to do if your computer can't boot from its hard disk, or if the disk contains...


Data Loss-My Worst Nightmare

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TAG: Data Recovery,data recovery,retrieve file,hard drive noise,recover file,lost data,disk failure

My worst nightmare occurred when my 2TB external hard drive began making clicking noises and the computer stopped recognizing it. I foolishly thought my hard drive was the safest place for my data as I rarely used it and stored it in a waterproof fireproof safe, so I had no backup. BIG MISTAKE.

TAG: easeus,Data Recovery Wizard,best choice

EaseUS Software, a leading provider of data backup and disaster recovery and storage management solutions for the Windows environment, continues to provide PC and Server users the most complete and reliable products since its inception. Its data recovery software,


My disk displays as RAW

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TAG: safe data recovery,raw recovery,recover data from raw partition

I just want to help anyone else who has gone through this: your hard disk suddenly stops responding and shows up RAW in the device manager. This program will save your files!

(EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from http:...

TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,recover lost data,data recovery story

I was confronted with a huge problem. I had a 500GB HDD, which has 4 partitions. All partitions were NTFS volumes. I tried to format E:(Windows 7 volume) to FAT 32. I deleted the E partiton and format the empty space to FAT 32.

While here came the problem. It continued to gave me...


I Almost Killed My Most Important Data

AuthorEASEUS   Category Data Recovery Story   Comments0   Post Time 2012-11-23 00:12:54 -0500
TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,safe data recovery,non-destructive data recovery

Long story short, I formatted my data drive… Yes, stupid, I know… And it was not just the worst thing.

Last week, I noticed a strange noise came from my old internal data disk. After the check, some bad sectors were found on it. I knew my data disk’s death was near. The phy...

TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,safe data recovery,undestructive data recovery

I am much pretty sure a lot of people encountered the situation: "My Gosh! I accidentally performed format on my hard disk partition. What can I do now? I lost all the important documents and photos there. Emergency!!!"

When a computer drive is formatted, its content is completel...

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