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Do you have such an embarrassment: you inadvertently format the hard drive full of your privacy and anxious to get them back, while you do not know what the right way you need to do as privacy is involved in those lost files? Just thinking, if you turn to professionals' help by delivering the hard drive to data recovery service center, you would put yourself in a risk at exposing all your pr...

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I accidentally deleted the files that were stored on my pen drive before I got a chance to import them. Is there any way to recover the deleted files?   

Pen drive, as a portable USB flash memory device with a construction that is small enough to fit into a pocket, is widely used to quickly tr...


How to do flash data recovery from flash drive?

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Sometimes, we may come across such questions: how to recover deleted or formatted files from flash drive? Is it possible to do flash data recovery from flash drive?

According to Wiki,


USB is broken, how to recover data from my USB?

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TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,usb drive data recovery

"USB Device Not Recognized"? Accidently delete the files on USB or wrongly format the USB? Have you ever been bothered by those problems, especially when most important data is stored on it? USB drive boasting its portable and useful features to easily transfer data and store important file for backup are well welcome by many people. While popular as it is, broken USB drive is common, along ...

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EASEUS Software, the innovative and dedicated data recovery software provider, today officially released its new version of data recovery software - EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 5.0.1, with new added-on features: Windows server 2008/Windows 7 support, enhanced performance of hard drive scan and data recovery. 


Data Recovery Software vs. Data Recovery Services

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Increasing volumes of data means increasing amount of fortune, while increasing volumes of data also means increasing risk -- loss or any damage to data can result disaster in business as well as everyday life. In case it happens, how to recover? Using Data Recovery Software or Data Recovery service? It depends on the reasons why data lose: internal or ex...


You Lose Data, We Recover!

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Say, I have a poor backup routine - I have all my files, business and personal, music and photos archived on the main hard drive, but it has been months since I last backed them up.

You know, every hard drive is a crash waiting to happen, what will happen if the hard drive fails to work or is badly damaged? An investment in

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Everyday life or at work, as long as you’re using computer, Microsoft Office will be frequently used software for you no doubt, it’s powerful and easy to use while on the other hand it’s easily to encounter the disaster that you’ve saved the Office files but need the previous version or accidently the Office files were over-written by some other one with exactly the same file name. I...


How to Recover Files from Dynamic Disk?

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So your dynamic disk is unreadable, and all your files are not accessible? Are you looking for a way to fix your dynamic disk and get the files back? Or just want to recover lost files from unreadable dynamic disk? Is there any easy way to do that?

Yes, you may turn to some partition recovery software like Parti...

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If you accidentally deleted or lost your partition or partition table of partition is destroyed by virus accidentally, you will not see the partition you need in My Computer. The deleted or lost partition will be unallocated space in Windows Disk Management. All the files on the partition cannot be accessed. How can you recover data from the deleted, lost, damaged or corrupted partition? Eve...

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