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You may format your hard disk sometimes to convert the FAT to NTFS or clear the messed up drives. Right click the drive, chose “Format”, then select “Quick Format

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One day, my friend told me he has an 80G USB External Hard Drive that was working perfectly and didn't seem to have any errors on it at all, but after being attacked by an unknown virus, the External Hard Drive became RAW in My Computer and he cannot access. He was very worried about it because there were many useful documents and precious ph...


Easy and Safe Method to Unerase Files

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TAG: unerase files

Sometimes a lot of files or folders are seldom used in our PC, so we need to clear them to make the computer perform better. Although most of us are familiar with how to erase files, many people have no idea about how to unearse files. Here I’d like to take file recovery for instance to introduce an easy and safe method to uner...


Easy Method for JPG/JPEG Recovery

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TAG: recovery,Recovery,jpeg,picture

It’s always important for us to recovery JPG/JPEG photos, and you can read the article if you doubt about this point.

Human beings have no way to live for a long time, but keep the time in photos for memory. The memory kept in photos could always brin...

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Here I need to say why EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is a must-have for computer users.

People usually delete files by “Shift + Delete” directly, especially for the users who know something about computer skills. This kind of deletion will not go to the Recycle Bin, the deleted file cannot be distinguished by Windows system, an...

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When it comes to raw partition, you guys may be never strange to it, say, partition showing raw file system; Chkdsk reports raw, etc. The way to restore a normal part...


Unformat Hard Drive Easily and Safely

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TAG: recovery,Recovery,format,unformat

Need to unformat hard drive to recover important files from accidentally formatted drive/disk or some other storage media? It sounds difficult. This article will introduce an easy solution to unformat hard drive.

Firstly, we should learn what kind of format is recoverable.

A disk can be formatted ...


File Loss Prevention – Hdd Raw NTFS/FAT Recovery

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TAG: file loss prevention

If the hard drive displays “Raw”, and all the important files on the raw ntfs/fat drive cannot be accessed, is it possible to recover or rescue the files from the raw ntfs/fat drive, and how? EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, specializing in data recovery from most possible data loss, will enable users to get these important files back safely by performing...


When to use Disk Copy?

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TAG: disk copy

You may not always need to use Disk Copy. But when you want to upgrade hard disks or rescue data, Disk Copy is the best choice!  

Upgrading hard disks. Disk Copy is specially useful if you want replace the older smaller hard disk by a newer larger hard disk without having to install the Operating System and applications once again. (The media used as destination should be of...


Move Partitions without Losing Data

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TAG: move partitions,losing data

What's the solution if you need more space in your computer? What would you do if you want put a new partition front or behind a special partition on your computer?

There is a way to meet these requirements. That is move partitions. But moving partitions could be dangerous and risky. If the data is very important to you on your computer, and use some unauthorized software to mov...

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