Acronis Disk Director is not Easy to Use.

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There are many hard disk management tools such as Partition Magic, Acronis Disk Director, EASEUS partition manager and so on.

Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 is a partition manager just as Partition Magic. It brings together the most popular disk management functions, partition recovery tool, and boot disk manager. Acronis Disk Director's integrated Disk Editor program is the only utility in a consumer-level package that can read and write raw data directly from NTFS disks, and only experts should touch it.

The interface lacks essential tools for jumping to special disk sectors like partition tables and boot sectors, and it won't tell you the name of the file that contains the sector you're editing. The help system is a detailed technical reference to disk structures, but it reads as if translated badly from another language, and it won't help beginners. So, Acronis Disk Director is not as easy as Partition Magic.

Also included is the Acronis Operating System Selector boot manager, for switching among multiple operating systems while Partition Magic does not offer this function. This wouldn't run on our test system until we used Partition Expert to resize existing partitions. It has the unique ability to boot multiple copies of Windows 95, 98, or Me from a single partition.

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