An Example of Resizing a RAID 5 Partition

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Here is an example of resizing RAID5 Partition: "I have a four drive RAID 5 configuration under the SCSI utilities, with a C: partition for System and D: partition for data and there is still 19 GB unused space. The allocated partition was more than enough until I installed new programs. Then my system partition on my Server was fighting for precious space and placed in a dilemma of running slowly. So I wanted to resize my system partition on the RAID 5 with the unused space I searched on Google and purchased a great third party partition software – EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition. It is such a great product that successfully resized my C: partition of the RAID 5 without losing data. The product worked flawlessly on my Windows Server, it was a snap to install and use."

A hardware implementation of RAID requires at least a special-purpose RAID controller. Resizing RAID partition with partition software can ease the process. EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition works well with all the hardware RAID, and supports a fortune of RAID controller, including IDE Raid controllers, SCSI, SAS, S-ATA Raid controllers, serial ATA host controllers and devices.

The user interface is extremely friendly and pretty straight forward. It is designed to focus on operation with accuracy and safety which enables you to resize your partitions on the RAID Array without losing data. All partition changes can be previewed before they are implemented on a hard drive, and all data is completely protected throughout the operation. For example, before deleting a partition off a disk, the program will clarify whether the user wants to delete the partition or erase every byte of data.

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