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When encountering computers failures, some of us will seek recovery service, and others will handle it by themselves. It’s easy to use data recovery software such as EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover lost files, but what to do if you encounter the below computer failures even the technology service could not fix. Remember that backup is the gold rule.

Maybe you decide not to copy with some failures, if the service you're depending on is not very important, or you know can obtain an alternative elsewhere. It cost too much to deal with failures because it takes time, effort, and money. But it’s the worst of all worlds to plan not to cope with failures; it’s late for you to change your mind after a failure has occurred.

The kinds of failures you may encounter are below. For each failure, you should estimate the possible frequency; decide what the benefit of recovering is, the required recovery time, and which software can meet recovery requirement and how much it will cost.

1) Storage failure such as failure of a disk

2) Server failure; your server must be replaced

3) Software failure; you discover your software had been creating invalid data for the last month

4) Supplier failure; your data centre operator goes bankrupt.

5) Site failure. If your computers is stolen while you run business at home .

According to above situations, the best way of solution or prevention is backing up. If you want to backup data for computers, Easeus Disk Copy are suggested.


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