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It doesn't always happen to us that the partition of our computer is corrupt or damaged under Windows environment, but sometimes we indeed encounter one of the following cases:

·         Invalid media type reading drive. Abort, Retry, Fail?

·         File system is displayed as "RAW".

·         Windows may show "disk not formatted. Do you want to format now?"

·         File names contain "weird" characters.

·         "Sector not found" messages

When we meet one of those problems, we can't access the partition and open files such as documents, photos, emails, etc. because the partition is RAW. When we search a method for RAW partition recovery, it's useless to just perform reformat because it will result in deeper damage to the files in the data area of the RAW partition. Now what we need is a data recovery software to recover files from that RAW partition, here EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is recommended.

Data Recovery Wizard can recover files from deleted, missing and corrupt partition where file system is severely corrupted or destroyed. Of course, it could recover files from RAW partition or other storage media such as hard drive, floppy disk, zip disk, USB drive or any other storage device whose drive letter is displayed in Windows "My computer".

We can recover files from RAW partition by choosing "Complete Recovery" of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard. The other two modes, "Deleted File Recovery" is used to recover deleted files and "Partition Recovery" is used to recover files from lost partition. We can get tutorial from RAW files recovery instruction.

We could recover files from RAW partition quickly, safely and easily. Before choosing this RAW partition recovery software, we can free download a demo version of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard to scan files in RAW partition. Just try it if any of us needs RAW files recovery.

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