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The Groundhog Day, 2nd Feb., is coming in year 2011. EASEUS, as a Chinese company with clients mainly from USA, Germany, UK and some other North American and European countries, is to celebrate this special day, which is also Chinese New Years Eve, with EASEUS beloved, our flagship products.

Before celebrating the festival, EASEUS beloved will have a close talk with groundhog Phil and Phil Connors, the egocentric Pittsburgh TV weatherman in film “Groundhog Day”, to learn more about the history of Groundhog Day and the life criteria of cherishing today and being a completely “healthy” guy. As a new year is around the corner, EASEUS beloved make up their minds to perform up to their potential in 2011 and show the best to the world. Everyone is to listen closely to the “Gods”, our clients, to learn their demands and build up their bodies to provide a better service.

Three EASEUS beloved are to make up with Chinese traditional costumes and give their blessings for Groundhog Day on 2nd Feb, 2011. EASEUS will have a dialogue with groundhog Phil. What will they say? If you are curious enough, please enter: http://www.easeus.com/landing/groundhog-day.htm .

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