EASEUS Partition Master New Updated Version Helps Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic

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EASEUS Software, a provider of affordable and all-in-one partition management solutions, today announces the release of EASEUS Partition Master new updated version - EASEUS Partition Master 5.8.1. This new version introduces the new feature Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk that helps simplify the task of dynamic disk (volume) management like converting dynamic disk, resizing dynamic disk, extending dynamic system volume, etc.

Advantages include:

1. Convert dynamic disk to basic disk directly with all data protected.
2. Simplify the work of dynamic volumes management like resizing dynamic disk or extend dynamic system volume when it is out of space.
3. Safe and stable.

With the release of the updated version, EASEUS Partition Master makes things much easier for users, especially for server users, who need to convert dynamic disk back to basic disk directly or extend dynamic system volume or resize dynamic volume since the built-in Windows disk management utility is pretty limited in these respects, and it saves a lot of time and efforts for server users to resize or extend dynamic volumes as they can directly convert dynamic disk to basic and then resize it. 

EASEUS Partition Master, the professional partition manager and system optimization software for both Windows PC and servers, delivers a comprehensive hard disk partition management including resize/move partition, extend system partition, split partition, merge partition, copy partition/disk, rebuild MBR, convert dynamic disk, wipe disk, etc.

The company specializes in disk management, data recovery and backup software for Windows OS. Its other major products are Data Recovery Wizard, Partition Table Doctor and Todo Backup. For more information, visit http://www.easeus.com.

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