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There maybe many cases that lots of computer users got little problem of his computer and then the system appeared "Please format the disk!" Then once clicked, you would regret of what you did.

Here is one example: one of our customers accidentally formatted his D partition, and when he realized it, he thought he lost everything. He was storing all his work and personal files there for the past four years. There was about 30 GB of data he thought was gone. Fortunately he found our Data Recovery Wizard, down loaded the demo version to have a try and found EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard could recovery all of his lost files. He purchased and got his files completely recovered and stopped a tragedy of his work.

Where previously the computer would boot and be usable, systems that have been Formatted often report the following errors: (these errors are frequently displayed on a black screen with white text.)
    Operating System not found
    Invalid or corrupt FAT
    Cannot find file or program
    Invalid command.com
    Primary/Secondary Hard disk failure
    Non system disk
    Disk error
Or when a partition has been formatted, the all data would disappear.

Our software is the savior of your data suffering these problems. Be free to down load the demo and have a test of my message.

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