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What do you do when you find your partition disappeared in Windows Disk Management? Don’t be so nervous. In fact, your partition was not really lost. No matter the lost reason is your unintentional deletion, virus, or other defeat, it is quite necessary to choose a free partition recovery software to recover deleted or lost partition.

How to choose appropriable partition recovery software to free recover deleted or lost partition, we are so glad to recommend you EASEUS Partition Recovery 5.0.1, and share 10 reasons that you cannot refuse it.

1. Totally free software;
2. Zero cost for both home and commercial users;
3. Unlimited data amount you can recover.
4. Coherent guidance interface;
5. Fast recovery speed;
6. Quick orientation to lost partition;
7. Comprehensive support to Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7;
8. Well-behaved supports to FAT, NTFS, and EXT2 /EXT3 file system;
9. Stable support to IDE/ ATA/ SATA/SCSI drives;
10. Practical bootable disk based on WinPE;
Now, free download it and recover your deleted or lost partition.

If you just want to recover lost data directly, instead of lost partition, another professional data recovery software, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition, is such a good choice to recover your data with safety, speediness, and integrity.

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